Membership rules

1. CLUB members can be all dog lovers, accepting the club’s bylaws.
2. CLUB accepts people over 14 years old . Every club member must pay a membership fee once a year.
3. CLUB list of members of the club’s office. The list has access to every member of UNION.
4. CLUB sponsors may be natural or legal persons who agree CLUB activities and supporting him.
5. CLUB members have equal rights, no matter what size they are paying a membership fee or any support from the UNION.
6. CLUB members have the following rights:
a) participate and vote in CLUB Conference;
b) use CLUB provided services;
c) access to the documents and all the available information on clubs activities;
d) leave the CLUB at any time. In this case, the entrance membership fee and membership fees or other CLUB ownership transferred funds and assets shall not be returned;
e) request for proposals and various EDC performance issues;
f) other legal acts and these statutory rights;
7. CLUB member must:
a) observe the statutes;
b) pay a membership fee once a year;
c)  participate in CLUB activities;
d) exercise CLUB management decisions.
8.   CLUB membership expires:
a) if the member doesn’t pay membership fees for over a year;
b) if the member has been removed from CLUB
c) withdrawal from CLUB prior to written notification CLUB Council or the President of the Council of withdrawal from the club.
9. After the accession CLUB, entrance fee, membership fee, or otherwise CLUB ownership transferred funds and assets are not returned.
10. CLUB members have the right to remove any member from the club if it affects the club and its members’ interests.


A Member shall cease ipso facto to be a Member of the Club:

  1. for a further period of membership;
  2. if he resigns by notice in writing addressed to the Secretary;
  3. if he shall die or become bankrupt or suspend payment or compound with his creditors or be convicted of a felony or misdemeanor;
  4. if he becomes of unsound mind or a person whose personal state is liable to be dealt with in any way under the law relating to mental health;
  5. if his annual subscription for the forthcoming financial year has not been paid if pursuant to the Constitution, he shall be expelled from the Club;
  6. if he is convicted of an offence for cruelty to animals, or any amendment thereof, or Act substituted there for, or is convicted summarily or on indictment for an offence committed at an exhibition or show.